How is the treatment of parasites in the human body with folk remedies

The treatment of parasites in humans is important. For humans, parasites are dangerous because they can cause various illnesses, many of which result in the death of the patient.

Fortunately, this is not common. But you should not endure the presence of a foreign stranger in your body.

Who are the parasites

Who are the parasites

Parasites are animals, plants, and microorganisms that live on the host and feed on its nutrients, cells and tissues. In addition, they also poison his body with toxic substances formed during life.

In medicine, only unicellulars and protozoa are called parasites. Depending on the habitat, this can be:

  • Ectoparasites, they are located on the skin (bedbugs, lice, mosquitoes, etc. )
  • Endoparasites - protozoa (lamblia), helminths and some insect larvae. They live on human organs: heart, lungs, intestines, etc.

For reference!Every encounter with a parasite ends with an infection.

Why is the presence of parasites dangerous?

Each type of parasite can cause serious illness.

Ectoparasites can transmit plague, encephalitis and scabies, endoparasites infect the liver, heart, lungs and even the brain.

Even the simplest parasites and helminths feed on nutrients for our bodies.

They deplete vitamin stores, which can lead to chronic fatigue, discomfort, and not knowing that parasites are the cause of their poor health and frequent illnesses.

Worms and worms are held inside the body with special hooks and suction cups.

With these devices, they injure the mucous membranes of organs, sometimes causing dangerous bleeding. With a long stay, the whole organism suffers inside the host.

They poison us with toxic toxins and stunt growth in children. The list of diseases caused by the presence of a foreign microorganism inside us can take time.

But the sick, above all, are concerned with the question of how to get rid of parasites quickly?

Treatment of parasites in the human body with folk remedies

Treatment of parasites in the human body with folk remedies

When choosing a treatment strategy, you should first consult a specialist. Who will select the optimal treatment for parasites, consisting of folk remedies and drugs.

Complex therapy will destroy the aliens, help remove them from the body, and restore the damaged body.

If you do not know how to cleanse the body from parasites, try some proven folk remedies.

They will help get rid of parasites with the help of active natural ingredients which have a delicate effect on humans.

  1. Cognac and castor oil.This recipe may only be used by adults. Drink a glass of brandy and after 15 minutes take some castor oil. Continue the parasite treatment for 3 days.
  2. Decoction of horseradish and garlic.Quickly eliminates tapeworms and roundworms. Horseradish and garlic in equal proportions pour 200 ml. vodka or alcohol. Insist 10 days and drink 1 tablespoon 1 time a day.
  3. Pomegranate bark.The peel of a fruit is brewed in a glass of hot water and drunk a spoonful 2 times a day.
  4. clove seedshelp eliminate pests in a short time. A tablespoon of dry seeds should be chewed and after 15 minutes washed off with olive oil.
  5. Ectoparasites can be removed with kerosene, laundry soap and sulfur.
  6. Garlic and kefir.You need to chop 3 cloves of garlic and add them to kefir. Drink on an empty stomach twice a day.
  7. Drink beet, carrot, cucumber and parsley juice on an empty stomach.
  8. Pine needles(50 gr. ) Cover with water and simmer for 10 minutes. Let the broth infuse for 1 to 2 hours, drink in small portions throughout the day.
  9. It is useful to drink sauerkraut pickle before meals, it will help get rid of worms and roundworms.
  10. Aloe and lemon juiceMix in equal proportions, add a spoonful of olive oil to the mixture. Take on an empty stomach before meals for a week.
Aloe and lemon juice

Preparations made from natural ingredients are less toxic than pharmaceutical drugs. One of the main advantages of folk recipes is that they can be used for longer.

Warning! Some ingredients can cause an allergic reaction.

Prevention of worms

The respect of the rules of hygiene for children and adults is the main rule of prevention. Clean hands, washed vegetables and fruits, and purified water will never cause infection.

If the infection has already occurred, you should take all necessary steps to get rid of the parasites.

It is important to follow treatments to avoid re-infection and prophylaxis for all family members and pets.

If you follow the simple rules that we have known from childhood, you can exclude the appearance of unexpected guests.