Cleansing the body from parasites: effective methods, recipes, rules, contraindications

In the case of occurrence of suspicion of the presence in the body of parasites, you should consult your doctor in the shortest possible time. An accurate diagnosis is essential for determining effective therapy. All the action on purification by means of folk remedies also should be coordinated with a specialist.

For obtaining the best result it is advisable well in advance to establish the power mode, the consumption of water and fluids and to balance the diet. 14 days prior to the implementation of procedures for cleansing it is necessary to exclude fatty, refined foods and sugar helena completely switch to a vegetarian diet. The body should a day come from 1.5 l of drinking helena mineral (according to testimony) of water.

the cleansing of the organism from parasites

When cleaning from parasites useful to eat foods with astringent, and spicy flavors that have red helena green color. A beneficial effect have the nuts, chamomile, garlic, horseradish, pepper, sea cabbage, onion, dill and mustard.

After the expulsion of the parasites requires the appointment of antihistamines, to prevent the development of allergies, and means for removing the intoxication of the organism. Depending on the cause of the infection are taking actions to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Diseases caused by parasites

Parasites inhabiting the human body are divided into:

  • the easiest;
  • deworming (same worms).

Protozoa, parasites cause the following diseases:

  • amoebiasis;
  • giardiasis;
  • balantitis;
  • malaria;
  • trypanosomiasis;
  • trichomoniasis.

Helminths cause the following diseases:

  • ascariasis;
  • opisthorchiasis;
  • echinococcosis;
  • enterobiasis.

What medications are used

Most doctors is to cleanse the body from parasites prefer to use the modern drugs of synthetic origin. According to the mechanism of action is can be divided into groups:

  1. Drugs that disrupt the processes of metabolism in the cells of worming. They are used for cleaning the body adults and children from round worms (ascaris, pinworms, Trichinella, whipworm), tape parasites (tapeworm, pork apni), as well as in the mixed assault.
  2. Pills that cause neuromuscular blockade and paralysis of your body of parasites.

Most of the modern synthetic drugs on the instructions do not require a longer application, but in practice may arise a need to re-contact for the destruction of different stages of development de-worming. Can be used by all family members, with the exception of infants and pregnant women. Sometimes there side effects, associated with the massive loss of deworming and the development of intoxication (nausea, dizziness, weakness). These phenomena are temporary and pass within a few days. To facilitate the condition, doctors prescribe sorbents, laxatives and other means.

Cleansing from parasites can be administered drugs of plant origin. They have practically no contraindications and side effects, have milder effects, may be used in adults and children, but require longer-term use (for at least a month).

Doctors believe that herbal preparations are more suitable for preventive courses and to strengthen the effect of basic therapy, homeopathic remedies from the worms also suitable for use as a supplement to traditional treatment.

How to get rid of pinworms in children

treatment of worms in a child

Many do not know how to pull worms (roundworms) in the child at home. Some parents are convinced that the people's medicine is safer for the immature child's body. Pinworms – these helminths that live in the small intestine. Gather the preschoolers most often.

Removed the parasites from your body at home is pretty simple. Get rid of roundworms that live in the body of the child, it is possible to use the garlic solution. For this onion plant is boiled in 250 ml of milk, to a soft state. A potion it is necessary to leave for the night, so it cooled off and the real thing. Use this solution and in the form of an enema. The necessary quantity of the device – 125 ml. This amount is sufficient for the day. The treatment should last at least a week.

It is worth noting that such a cleaning of your body can negatively affect some children. Therefore, before using these medicinal enemas need to consult with an expert.

Pull out of your child's body roundworms can also help luke. For the vegetables medium size minced and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Before using the drug should be allowed to stand for at least 12 hours. After this period, the tincture need a drain. Child to give 125 ml of a decoction of a day for four days.

Get rid of pinworms can help wormwood. Purchase it it is possible in any nearest pharmacy. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures need 1 hr. l. bitter wormwood pour 500 ml of hot water. Take this remedy half an hour before the main meals three times a day. The recommended daily dose for children – no more than 6 century la

How to choose a method of treatment?

Wondering how to extricate the parasites from your body in a domestic environment, it is necessary to take into account the presence of the disease (how intensively is manifested, where a localized problem). The treatment can take place which by word of mouth and through the introduction of an enema. Cleansing from the majority of the parasites in the home of the first-mentioned method allows you to affect all systems s. r. o your body. Then the active substance will be absorbed, and spread throughout the bloodstream.

The use of an enema: when is recommended?

Treatment by this method it is advisable to do, if helminths localized in the digestive system. When it is done only cleaning the intestines from parasites. Introduction and treatment with drugs is happening in a natural way – through the back passage.

Than it is dangerous for human

before dangerous worms

Uninvited guests can not only create a lot of discomfort, but also pose great danger to human health. Helminths clog the body slag, pollute the blood produces toxins and negative effect on the immune system, thus body can not resist the various diseases of viral helena infectious nature.

There are other danger in the infestation of parasites, such as, for example, the incidence of tumors, damage to the mucous membrane of the internal organs, the development of allergic reactions, intestinal helena biliary obstruction, etc., provided with large concentrations of parasites occurs isolation cells, which leads to their degenerate into cancer cells.

The path of the disease

A person often only have yourself to blame in the infested parasitic organisms.

Failure to comply with personal hygiene, neglect of domestic cleanliness, bathing in contaminated waters and many other moments lead to a deterioration of health:

  • helminths — through dirty hands, the fur of domestic animals;
  • the eggs of pinworms – dusty carpets, plush toys, bedding;
  • eggs of Ascaris – dirty vegetables and fruits door-to-door trader are also flies;
  • trichinosis – a lack of thermal processing of meat;
  • opisthorchiasis – raw fish.

Important! Should at least once a year to check the body for the presence of parasites – they live a comfortable life with a man, and multiply years.

The localization of the parasites is not limited to the digestive system – they can live in the brain and heart.

Often in unsuccessful treatment of allergic cough in humans, appear in the lungs the larvae of Ascaris. Parasites at this stage of development secrete toxic substances, troubled authority.

Helminthiasis in pregnant

helminthiasis in pregnant

Many do not know how to extricate the parasites from your body of a pregnant woman in a domestic environment. Future moms are often afraid of using the medication. Many drugs toxic enough and their use could hurt the baby. In the period of pregnancy it is best to give preference to folk medicine.

A pregnant woman can get rid of the parasites using a pumpkin tincture helena decoction of wormwood. Recipes that contain large amounts of garlic, use is not desirable. For the preparation of the decoction of wormwood is a need to 100 grams of plants pour 100 ml of boiled water. The drink should cook in the course of 24 hours. Take the medicine three times a day for 1 station al Recipe pumpkin tincture described previously.

Despite the harmlessness and efficacy of folk medicine, the pregnant woman before applying the self-boiled means, it is necessary to consult your treating doctor.

Components that are part of tinctures and decoctions may cause deviations in some patients. It is also worth noting that some types of deworming is not die and leave the body after the ingestion of various antiparasitic remedies. In such a situation, people's medicine is powerless. Remove the deworming have to surgically.


The list of contraindications to organizing events for the cleansing of parasites should be carefully studied before any procedures:

  • cancer disease regardless of the severity;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • bleeding, including menstrual;
  • cardiovascular disease, stroke helena myocardial infarction in medical history;
  • gastric ulcer, gastritis;
  • chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation;
  • influenza, SARS, ARI, hyperthermia;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys.

It is necessary to take into account that the ingredients of medicinal mixtures and decoctions can be allergies.

Cleansing according to Boris Medvedev

lemon juice against parasites

In the fight with helminthiasis dr. Boris Medvedev developed the entire program, which is based on several principles:

  • the use of preparations based on natural ingredients;
  • at the time of, how to get rid of the worms adhere to therapeutic diet – to exclude all fatty, sweet, fried, emphasis done on fruits and vegetables;
  • rational use of vermifuge remedies.

Medvedev suggests to clean from the parasites using a soda enema and pumpkin seeds (recipes are listed above). In the case of the spread of worming throughout the body the doctor recommended a unique methodology of concomitant therapy, and purgation.

You will need the juice of half a lemon, 1 tbsp of vegetable oil (olive, corn), aloe juice (15 ml) and enough boiled water. All stir and take it on an empty stomach in the morning. The course of treatment 3-9 months. In that time, all authorities are from the parasites, the body will recover, it gets stronger immune system.

Complications and consequences

Parasites negative effect on the host. Gradually poison the body waste of life, reduce the immunity of the organism.

After purification from harmful microorganisms are possible the following reactions:

  • allergy,
  • the failure of the immunity,
  • reduction in the levels of hemoglobin,
  • chronic diseases of the organs, in which housed the harmful micro-organisms.

On the health status of children parasites have a negative impact.

Cause delays in physical and mental development, memory impairment, delay sexual development.

Cleansing at home

The first method – cleansing your body drug drugs. Medication must be prescribed by the attending physician.

Products have a strong toxic action, have a number of contraindications. After the treatment it is worth it to undergo strengthening the immune system.

The second method – cleaning by using folk remedies. These ways have a gentle effect on the body, have fewer contraindications.

But before the crime to treat, it is worth it to consult with the attending physician. Tips on the expulsion of the parasites from your body can be used for the safe prevention.

Stages of preparation for the removal of parasites

stage of preparation to the cleansing of the

The whole essence of the preparation to the cleansing of the body is reduced to 3 stages:

  1. To establish the metabolism. For this it is necessary to choose a diet, it is better with the unloading of the days, and use it 2 weeks before the start of treatment. Also it is necessary to include into her drinking mode.
  2. Spend cleansing the kidneys, liver and intestines. For this will suit a special tea, eating watermelon and flax seeds, fresh herbs.
  3. Do an enema. It is best suitable for this purpose, a special tincture of herbs and seeds. Such as: wormwood, calendula, chamomile, yarrow.

Pumpkin seeds

This product of the year allows you to get rid of parasites in your home thanks to its shell. The course of purification the seeds of the pumpkin lasts one month. The daily rate for a child is 40 units per day, for adults – 60 pieces.


The next verified time a means for cleansing the intestines of parasites in the household — it is an enema. The method is good that allows you to cleanse the body not only of worms but also from the products of their decay, they also cause discomfort and cause health damage. To increase efficiency it is necessary to pre-alms enema.

Garlic enema

For the preparation of the composition need six cloves of garlic to one quart of water. For better absorption of the funds you can add to the water one teaspoon of salt. Cooked stone should be cool to 36 degrees Celsius, after which you can proceed to the procedure. An enema is given a few times a week.

Enema of the Thyme and garlic

Three heads of garlic, crushed in a grinder, it is necessary to pour half a litre of water and add 50 g of Thyme. Put the mixture on the fire, after boiling, cool and strain. For children there is enough one-two enemas during the week, adults are advised not less than three.

Onion-garlic enema

To prepare the solution you need to mix in equal proportions of oil, crushed garlic and onions. It is recommended to use three-four cloves of garlic. The mixture is poured 50 ml of warm water, infused for fifteen minutes, after which filtered. The finished infusion add 15 ml of lemon juice. For enema is used derived tool, diluted in one liter of water. The course of treatment is one week.

Milky-garlic enema

In the boiling milk you need to add the two cloves of garlic medium size. Continue to cook the milk until then, until the garlic is tender. The filtered and cooled liquid is used as an anti-parasitic cleansing for a period of one week.

All opt for the garlic enema have contraindications:

  • allergy to the ingredients of the solution;
  • ulcers of the colon;
  • surgical diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • gastric helena intestinal bleeding;
  • acute heart failure;
  • pathology of the kidney;
  • children up to 7 years;
  • higher age;
  • pregnancy and period of lactation.

Coffee enemas

In one liter of water is necessary to dissolve a couple of tablespoons of coffee. Cleaning by this method is carried out in the course of 2 weeks with two-day breaks. Treatment of worms with the help of this tools is suitable for adults only.

enema of the tansy

Pismennaya enema

For cooking it is necessary to bring to a boil half a liter of water, add to pot 1 tbsp of flowers of tansy and boil the drug still fifteen minutes on low heat. An enema is carried out daily for five days. Over a two-week interval course of treatment is repeated.

Methods of cleaning your body

A huge number of ways of folk medicine is devoted to the issues of cleansing the human your body from parasites. In the course are all sorts of products and their combinations: from pumpkin seeds to form oil and even clay. Every case of infection is different and requires careful and professional approach, to choose their method of treatment is with the help of a doctor.

The Method Of Hilda Clark

For cleaning by this method, it is necessary for the long term taking the tincture on the skin of the unripe nut, ground cloves and powder of the dried mugwort. How effective, how to get rid of pathogenic micro-organisms, single-celled parasites and worms.

Minced wormwood used half a teaspoon in the first 2 days, thus increasing its amount to so much every couple of days. When the volume of funds will be made within 7 doses (2 weeks), its significantly reduce to the original and taken regularly for a period of 12 months.

Powder cloves to drink every morning on an empty stomach. In the first day it is necessary to limit the dose, which is equal to the volume of one fetus spices, the second – two. From the third to 110 days dosage is 3 the initial and 111 days, and the end of the year in the same amount of cloves take 1 times per week.

Baking clay

Baking the clay to effectively cope with parasites, slag and toxins, cleanses, healthy body, and fill it with silicone. A small amount of material stir in a glass of water, and thus the consistency of milk, and approved. Sediment is not necessary to shake and taken orally.

Means to be adopted in the course of a month twice a day: in the morning half an hour before meals and just before bedtime in the evening. In order to prevention it is possible to consume the stone up to 2 times a week. It is one of the few treatments that can be used people, the acidity of the gastric juice which enhanced.

nuts from parasites

Pine nuts

Nuts cedar widely used for cleansing your body worming. Their lasts 2 months on that meat and other foods containing fats of animal origin, it is necessary to exclude from the menu.

For the expulsion of the parasites need about 6 kg of product, the daily need to eat 100 grams, carefully chewing nuts. Using this method it is permissible to 1 times in 2 years.


Raw onion has strong disinfecting effects. When the right preparation is able to become the main weapon for the fight with worms and other parasites. Inclusion in the daily diet of one large onion helena 100 g of feathers is no longer sufficient for the deliverance from the roundworm and the prevention of infection.

The onion is contraindicated for use in bronchial asthma, diseases of the liver and digestive tract, increased blood clotting and allergies to nickel. In case of overdose of the product may appear drowsiness, weakness, migraine headache, cutting pain in the abdomen and diarrhea.


For a long history of use in folk medicine garlic has established itself as an excellent remedy against parasites. It differs a considerable bactericidal activity and provides a comprehensive cleansing of the organism. When taking medications on the basis of garlic may appear light heartburn, heart palpitations and insomnia: in this case, it suffices to slightly reduce the dose.

Recipe garlic infused brandy


  • Cognac – 1 l
  • Garlic – 400 g

To use: Garlic cleanses, finely chopped, pour a cognac, then put the mixture on the 21 days to a dark place. Have finished the drink you need to 1 tbsp morning on an empty stomach. The course of treatment lasts about 2 months, until the tincture.

Cleansing your body using diets

One diet get rid of deworming is unlikely, but it is possible to prepare for their usual "rear base" from which they receive nutrients, and also more likely to use foods that do not tolerate: garlic, onions, radishes, pineapple, carrot juice.

For comfortable existence of worms in the intestine need an alkaline environment, and acidic contributes to their weakening and death.

The alkaline environment it creates consumed by a person carbohydrates, therefore, to get rid of the parasites in the home folk remedies, you have to give up foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates:

  • all bakery products (bread, pastries, pasta, etc.);
  • sugar and all sweets (cakes, candy, ice cream), and also of sweet fruits and dried fruits;
  • butter, fatty meat and fish;
  • milk.
cleansing through diet

In addition, from the diet will have to exclude coffee and alcohol, that's all, what creates favorable conditions for the habitat of worms. And here is the consumption of these products just do not have them according to taste:

  • garlic, mustard, apple cider vinegar (in the form of salad dressings);
  • pumpkin seeds, flax seed, almonds, nuts;
  • acidic fruits and berries;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetables in a fresh state (preferably), but also boiled, steamed helena baked form;
  • porridge;
  • lean meat and fish in very small quantities (no more than 2 times a week);
  • decoctions of wormwood helena cloves.

It is important to drink at least 2 liters of pure water a day. Diet is advisable to split into 4-5 meals in small portions, giving preference to salads of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries (cabbage, cauliflower, marine; carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, citrus, pineapple, pomegranates, apples, etc.). Like salad dressings, you can use lemon juice helena apple cider vinegar.

The inclusion in the menu of the acute products will only benefit, because it increases the internal temperature of your body.

For worms it is fatal, and the larvae is just to stop development, and they go along with fecal masses.

This diet stimulates the digestive tract and becomes an essential support in the treatment of helminths and drug medications and means of folk medicine.

It is advisable to go on it at least a week before you start treatment, if you really want to get rid of parasites in domestic conditions as possible.

It is possible for children to heal from parasites folk remedies

treatment of children from parasites

It is possible in the case, if the child is not an indication, which cannot be treated separately. It is also necessary to take into account individual intolerance of certain folk remedies.

Folk remedies help to get rid of parasites and children. But before starting treatment it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

How to cleanse the body from parasites folk remedies children:

  1. Garlic enema and candles (the recipe is the same as for adults).
  2. Drinking carrot juice. Drink fasting to articles l. 2 times a day.
  3. Nard and celandine. Mix, pour boiling water (200 ml), to insist 30 minutes, add the sugar helena honey and drink it on the 1St.l. 3 times per day.
  4. Coconut (treatment is the same as in adults).
  5. Pumpkin and flax seed is also effective in the treatment of parasites in children. About 300 g of crushed seeds, add 50 ml of water and 100 g of honey, the resulting mixture eat for an hour and take a laxative or do an enema over 3 hours.

It is one more way to cleanse the body from parasites folk remedies, it's a decoction of birch leaves. It can be taken at any age, but children 1/2 dosage.

Recipe: into the pot pour on 2/3 of birch leaves, pour boiling water and leave on all night. Then atadev, drink 2/3 cup 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment — 3 days.

During the course comply with bed rest.

It is impossible to completely protect against infection with worms. But you can protect yourself, follow certain preventive measures, for example, wash your hands thoroughly, and also vegetables and fruits, if available, is permitted to perform with them therapy against worms, to properly cook the meat, and so on