The best remedies for parasites in the human body

Most people who are faced with the problem of pest infestation search the internet for the answers about treatment. In fact, you can't find the best parasite cure without testing it in the lab.

Each individual medicine contains unique components which act in completely different ways on different helminths. When choosing a drug, the diagnosis, stage and form of the disease, the clinical picture of symptoms and the individual characteristics of the human body are important.

Are pests a real threat?

parasites in the human body

For doctors, parasites are all microorganisms that feed and subsist on other organisms. These can be external or internal parasites that live in a person's internal organs and systems. Today, medicine identifies about 250 types of pests, which choose a person as a host. Each of them chooses a certain habitat where it is harmful to human health.

What are the consequences of the invasion in humans:

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • unreasonable allergic reactions;
  • constant asthenia and fatigue;
  • violent attacks of suffocating cough;
  • there are a lot of eosinophils in the blood;
  • the nervous system suffers, causing sleep disturbances, depression, psycho-emotional disturbances, etc.

Additionally, a person may suffer from anemia, painful poor appearance, poor appetite, fever, and weight loss. And only with a quick diagnosis and a visit to the doctor can you choose the best remedy for parasites, destroying the enemy at the root.

How do parasites get into the body?

You can get infected with helminths in different ways, it all depends on the type of helminth you are talking about.

In medicine, there are several main routes of infection:

how the parasites enter the human body
  1. Contaminated water and food.They can sometimes become contaminated due to contamination during cooking or storage, sometimes aided by insects. Sometimes the source of infection may be food that has already been previously contaminated by the natural focal method, which a person has not prepared correctly and has not been subjected to sufficient heat treatment. Most often it is fish from the carp family, pork, cow, poultry, game.
  2. Contacts and family ties between people,in which an already infected person transmits the infection to a healthy person using household items. Domestic animals are common vectors of infections.
  3. There is a third way of infection - through a bite,as a result of which a person receives helminths from blood-sucking insects.

There are such types of parasites which only need to get on human skin to get into the body. A vivid example of this is the skin fly, as a result of such a pathogen a person is exposed to a dangerous disease.

Prevention is the best medicine for parasites

For anyone, the requirements for pest prophylaxis become obvious.

No parasite can enter the body if:

  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene and sanitation. That is, after walking on the street, coming into contact with animals, going to the toilet and before eating, you should wash your hands with soap and water. Food products should be washed with boiled water. The area should be cleaned regularly with disinfectants.
  • Prepare meat and fish dishes carefully and only buy these products from trusted and reliable points. The meat is cut into small pieces and carefully fried or cooked as directed. These products are best frozen deep for several days before cooking.
  • If there are pets in the house, every month it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis against worms. The animal is regularly seen by the veterinarian.
  • It is imperative to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with the soil, as many types of pests enter soil and grass and wait for new owners.
  • The main preventive measure against helminthiasis is to drink clean water. It is forbidden to use tap water, it must be boiled and filtered in special devices.

Important!During the procreation period, it is best to refuse contact with pets, thus protecting yourself and the fetus from the risk of infection with micro-organisms.

The best drugs against parasites

Such a disease requires complex therapy, the basis of which is taking special drugs against worms. It is impossible to unequivocally name the best remedy for parasites in the human body, some of them cause paralysis of parasites, others do not give the opportunity to feed on human resources, and still others sterilizefemales and thus stop reproduction.Only a doctor, whether parasitologist or infectious disease specialist, can make the choice.

ImportantHelminthiasis cannot be cured by taking just one medicine, although the best. Such a disease requires complex step-by-step treatment.

The best folk remedies

folk remedies for parasites in the body

In addition to drug therapy, doctors advise treating at home with folk remedies.

In combination with medication, such actions will help speed up the process of recovery and recovery of the body.

Today, traditional medicine identifies three of the most effective therapeutic recipes:

  1. Nut peelings. Take 15 pieces of walnuts, remove the green peel. In 500 ml of vodka, add the zest of walnuts, close and insist for 30 days. After that, one drop of the tincture is dissolved in half a glass of water, the next 5 days the dosage is increased each time by one drop. After that, take 2 teaspoons of the tincture twice a day. Once the parasites are gone, the treatment continues for another year, taking two teaspoons of the tincture each day.
  2. Absinthe. The seeds of grass are dried, crushed, and a pinch of powder is first taken per day. Before 15 days of treatment, the dose should be increased by half a teaspoon. After that, they take this dose for another week until healing occurs. After that, such treatment is carried out for an additional week.
  3. Eyelet. The seeds are crushed with a coffee grinder to a powder state, first take 1. 5 teaspoons of the product. On the 10th day of treatment, the dosage is reduced to one scoop.

Attention!Treatment with folk remedies without medical intervention and the use of drugs will not only be able to save a person from parasites, but also worsen the process of development ofthe invasion.

There is also a list of remedies that treat such infections - calamus, calendula, tansy. It is very important to cleanse the intestines and liver using traditional medicine in order to accompany the elimination of dead microorganisms.

Supplements that help

Various food supplements can become effective in the fight, which due to their unique composition will become an excellent alternative to traditional medicine, while showing excellent results. The main advantage of these products is that they take an absolutely natural composition without impurities and chemical components. Thus, treatment with dietary supplements is mild due to the absence of side effects and contraindications.

When choosing dietary supplements, it is best to consult your doctor, who can advise you on the most effective options.

Mixed care

Any parasitic disease is considered to be systemic, as it leads to the disruption of a number of functions and damage to internal organs. Therefore, adequate treatment should be staggered and include not only direct drugs against the parasites, but also any means of relieving the symptoms of the disease and restoring the body.

Qualified specialists strongly recommend that patients combine outpatient drugs with other means and methods.

Treatment of helminthiasis may include the following techniques:

  • Take antihistamines and herbs with these properties to relieve allergic reactions.
  • Taking enzymes and probiotics to restore the gastrointestinal tract
  • Therapy with drugs and traditional medicines.
  • Use traditional medicine recipes to restore the body's defenses, as well as take multivitamins.

Medicinal herbs, as well as biologically active additives, which in their composition suggest unique recipes and formulas of natural gifts, do not play the last place in the restoration of the body. Only in combination, such a mixed treatment for parasites will help a person quickly destroy the enemy, remove it from the body and restore all the functions of internal organs and systems.